We accelerate success for DTC eCommerce and tech ventures by turning their paid media into an effective, optimised and engaging tool for growth

Paid Media For Tech & eCommerce

Digital Paid Media can be powerful or it can be an ineffective, resource-consuming black-hole. We’re here to make Digital Paid Media better. This is paid media made great.
Paid Media, part of your ecosystem of growth.
Performance Marketing agencies often look at paid channels in siloes, packaging paid media as a panacea. As a Digital Growth Agency, we see things differently. Instead, we think about your paid ads as part of an ecosystem of growth, which needs balance, symbiotic relationships and the space to evolve and change as it learns. The key is to avoid over-reliance, focus on effectiveness, and run Paid Media within a well-defined growth model.

Why Us?

Our Paid Media and Performance Marketing capabilities are driven by growth science, crafted by deep human expertise and delivered with ethics and passion

Strategy First Thinking

We look at the bigger picture. Our Paid Media Agency capabilities balance your paid ads strategy with organic growth. This helps you develop an approach that reaches new audiences and converts users into customers. We plant the seed. You watch it grow.

Media Buying Driven By Your Growth Model

The foundation of all our growth strategies is data. We look at your KPIs. We see your strengths. We understand your challenges. We define your opportunities. Then use this information to put your brand on the path to achievable and sustainable growth, using clearly defined guardrails and goals.

Forever Testing. Always Learning

Test. Rinse. Repeat. We understand how important it is for a Digital Media Agency to never stop learning. Our proprietary Five Mark Method ensures performance optimisation through continuous, iterative, testing.

Media Optimised By Your Users

We listen. We glean insights. We distil learnings. Growth knowledge is tracked in your real-time reports and logged into your learning library. It’s reported in your monthly commentary and discussed in our status calls, making past action an indispensable tool for future growth.

Thinking Customer, Not Channel

We make digital paid media feel more fluid, finding your ideal customers wherever they are. Be it Facebook, Google, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or Snapchat, we help the right people meet your brand when it matters most.

Creative That Performs

Rapid creative testing accelerates performance in paid media. But it’s expensive. And time consuming. Does it have to be? Not with us. We can shoot and produce bespoke original content or creatively repurpose content you already own. We craft digital native assets, at scale and with speed. For this, we use our digital first creative capabilities, Studio 5.

Partners In Paid Media Growth

You’re always a part of the process. We co-create your Paid Media Strategy with you as we go. Through our shared slack channel, you have direct-to-expert access to your growth team to help you get things done, faster, with measurable results.

An Extension Of Your Team

As a Founder, Marketing Director, or Head of Growth, we know you don’t have an abundance of time. You have ideas. But you need action. Let us be your thought-organiser. Your plan maker. Your growth accelerator. Providing you with the plan and the action to achieve your goals.

Working with Siân and The Fifth Mark team has and continues to be a pleasure. They have helped steer us through a huge growth period, always acting with honesty, determination and intelligence, and have driven our Google and social advertising from strength to strength. They treat our business like it’s their own and have built us a strong foundation for long term, sustainable growth. Highly recommend to anyone looking to scale fast and efficiently from the start.

Julian Parmiter, Co-Founder, Create Academy

We started working with Siân and The Fifth Mark at the beginning of the first lockdown when we had a barely functioning website. We needed to work quickly to shift all of our attention to growing our eCommerce. Siân helped bring clarity to the mind-boggling world of digital marketing and developed a concise growth strategy. Working with Siân and The Fifth Mark Team resulted in huge growth for our business across the board, not just DTC. The Fifth Mark’s expertise and professionalism has been massively refreshing and has built a foundation for us that I will be forever grateful for. No doubt that we will continue to work together.

Theo Garcia, Co-Founder & CMO, Solo Coffee


Make Us Your Paid Media Agency. This Is What You’ll Get.


Insight & On-boarding

This is where we get to know you. We want to understand everything about you and your business. Where are you headed? Where have you been? What makes your customers tick?

We’re an online media buying agency that listens to really understand what you’re aboutAfter a bespoke discovery session, we get to work on the Paid Media Digital Growth Intelligence Programme. Unique to us, the programme analyses over 1,000 data points to isolate your specific strengths and opportunities for Paid Media Growth. We present these back to you and use the insights to form the foundations of our Paid Media Strategy. Knowledge is power.



To build a brand that touches the sky, you need an architect to design growth to meet your ambition. First, we determine where your business sits on the Growth Model Maturity Matrix. Let’s call it GMMM for short.

Then, we examine your digital marketing holistically to unearth opportunities to use paid ads for growth.From these strong foundations, our Growth Sprint Plans are crafted activation charters that preserve past learnings and provide the blueprint for your future Paid Media growth. Aligned with your maturity stage. Proven to deliver results. Putting method to the maths.



Not to get too technical but it’s time to get into some nuts and bolts.Data, meet human. Our team of experienced human strategists combine their minds with data insights to define your testing methodologies, allowing us to test our way to the message and mechanics that resonate with your audiences. Combined with our agile, optional production capabilities, creative testing becomes simple, efficient, and engaging. They know people. Soon you will too.



Data is nothing without analysis. When you use our Paid Media Agency capabilities, we provide detailed monthly commentaries on your performance, taking your numbers and building them into a meaningful story. We hold all the information and results from your marketing experiments in your personal learning library. This knowledge gives clarity on where we’ve been, to inform where we go next.You’re in the loop. Your personal Paid Media Growth Team is always on-hand via Slack to provide performance insights.

You want real-time performance data? Got it. We can deliver. With The Fifth Mark, you always get access to detailed, custom reports whenever you need them.

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