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Fifth Mark is a Digital Strategy Agency designed to give you confidence, clarity, and control over your digital marketing and growth in a complex and connected world.

Digital growth just got even harder. It’s quite likely there’s never been a more challenging time to grow a business digitally than now. Socio-economic factors, cost-push inflation, and a slump in consumer spending are just the macro factors. This, combined with intense competition catalyzed by Covid, tracking and attribution blackouts, and let’s not even get started on the impact of AI. Defining the right Digital Strategy is more difficult, confusing, and complex than ever.

In moments of great challenge comes great opportunity

Before we all spiral into an existential crisis, remember, in moments of great challenge come great opportunities. Working with us as your Digital Strategy Agency could be one of them. Today more than ever, your Digital Marketing Strategy has to work hard for you. It needs to be adaptive, integrated, and responsive to this rapidly changing context. Take a minute to see what Fifth Mark is about, and how we can support you in gaining confidence, clarity, and control over your digital strategy, and the subsequent digital growth it produces.

Working with Siân and her team was a real game changer for Camden Town Brewery. Her knowledge of digital is unparalleled and she is fantastic at taking a holistic view of your total business. The progress we made in such a short space of time was incredible to see and went beyond our expectations. The insights we gained from the data analysis helped inform our strategy going forward.Siân gave us the foundations we needed for success, which we still use to this day. But maybe the best thing about working with Siân is that she is an absolute delight. She was so supportive through the whole project and beyond. The entire team benefited from working and learning from her, and enjoyed it immensely.

Maddy Morgan, Head of eCommerce at Camden Town Brewery

The Five Mark Digital Strategy Consulting Approach

 growth isn't just a simple set of tactics. There are many parts you can influence, from your growth fuels, your team’s operations, your growth model, and your strategic mix.

We design growth through our methodology of growth system blueprints. This is a process that allows us to map the total growth system and recommend opportunities and experiments to optimize its component parts.

By mapping the systems and identifying what we call growth modules within them, we gain a unique and deeper view of how businesses have grown and can potentially grow further in the future. From this blueprint, we can then formulate a set of experiments to help us optimize overall performance. We can also implement key initiatives across the non-working parts of the system, such as team structure, brand, and product to increase growth velocity. While this may sound abstract, it is a crucial step in understanding and enhancing business growth.

Mark One

Gain clarity and control with our growth Intelligence programme

Your Digital Strategy begins with a Growth Intelligence programme giving you clarity and control over your performance. Covering thousands of data points, our Growth Intelligence Audit offers an objective view of your performance in key channels of your choice, such as Digital Paid Media, SEO, and retention marketing. This process creates a shared understanding of your business's current Growth System and growth model, focusing on identifying the strengths, challenges, and opportunities for digital growth.

Mark Two

Quantify a profitable growth model for scale

A sustainable Digital Strategy requires a deep understanding of the mechanics that drive it. We help you quantify your growth model and gain more clarity as to how effective it is. Our GrowthGenix reporting stack also gives you access to these reports in real-time. This unlocks profitable scalability and provides the insights to optimise your Marketing investment to drive more effective growth against the KPIs which matter.

Mark Three

Design a clear and actionable Growth System Blueprint

 A Growth System Blueprint defines the shape and structure of the digital strategy and creates clarity and alignment on the initiatives, channels, and approaches we'll take to deliver growth through digital.

Mark Four

Build & optimise your Growth Modules

Your Growth Modules are key subsystems through which your business grows. Now that we have mapped and understood them through our Growth Intelligence process, we define a set of strategies to optimise the high-performing ones. We also use our toolkit of thousands of mechanics to test new ones, helping you unlock new sources of digital growth.

Mark Five

Accelerate Digital Velocity Through Growth Fuels

Many Digital Strategy Agencies focus on the marketing aspects of strategy. Our research and theory of digital growth systems have shown us that the non-working aspects of the digital strategy - what we call Growth Fuels - can have a profound impact on the effectiveness of your growth. As part of the digital strategy process, we can assess, build, and improve these fuels.

Digital Strategy Case Studies

Accelerating eCommerce Growth for Camden Town Brewery

The Result

Short-term: Within just 10 weeks, Camden saw five figures of incremental eCommerce revenue and collected thousands of new data records.

Long-term: Together with Team Camden, we laid the foundations for strong future eCommerce growth through a scalable platform, data clarity, and strategic eCommerce Leadership.

Digital Strategy Case Studies

Digital Strategy & Growth Marketing For Solo Coffee

Paid Search 
  • +119% increase in Paid Search revenue
The Bottom Line 
  • Successful website launch
  • +144% increase in eCommerce revenue 
We started working with Siân and The Fifth Mark at the beginning of the first lockdown when we had a barely functioning website. We needed to work quickly to shift all of our attention to growing our eCommerce. Siân helped bring clarity to the mind-boggling world of digital marketing and developed a concise growth strategy. Working with Siân and The Fifth Mark Team resulted in huge growth for our business across the board, not just DTC. The Fifth Mark’s expertise and professionalism has been massively refreshing and has built a foundation for us that I will be forever grateful for. No doubt that we will continue to work together.

Theo Garcia, Co-Founder & CMO, Solo Coffee

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