Digital Growth is really hard, often confusing and always complex

There Is Another Way.

Our growth marketing consultancy practice exists to make Digital Growth scientific, systematic, effective, ethical and engaging. Accelerating success for DTC tech and eCommerce ventures, and the humans who dare to lead them.

Our growth consultants work as part of your team to design Growth Systems for velocity towards scale, tailored to your business model, ambition and maturity stage.

No two growth strategy projects are the same. Each approach is crafted with a mix of data science, human expertise and learnings from the millions we’ve invested in Growth for our partners. All however, are delivered with our unique brand of passion, ethics, and craft, and a relentless focus on your long-term, sustainable success.

We offer three types of Growth Consultancy plans, ranging from one-off Growth Projects to embedded teams that act like your own, without the risk or investment.

Why Us ?

Growth Marketing Consultancy driven by data and delivered with passion and craft

Proven Track Record In Growth Marketing

We’ve worked with 50+ tech and eCommerce brands, ran 1000s of growth experiments and invested multi-millions in growth for our partners. We bring with us a wealth of experience in growth, ready to be applied to your unique challenges, opportunities, and ambition. Growth Minded, we are forever optimising, improving and innovating our playbooks and models.

Driven By Integrated Growth Science, A Holistic Approach To Growth

If you look at channels in siloes, you will get misleading answers and miss your most salient growth opportunities. Our proprietary Growth Strategy and Experimentation process - The Five Mark Method - is driven by data science and crafted with deep, human expertise. Integrated and holistic, we consider every step of your user’s journey - from first impression to final purchase - and assess where strategic focus should be applied to accelerate growth.

Growth Consultants And Growth Marketers 

Growth Strategy means nothing without articulate activation. Our Growth Consultants are hands-on Growth Marketers, meaning they craft strategies designed to be activated. Our Digital Growth Agency capabilities also gives you the option to add flexible, expert growth specialists to your team to get you growing.

Boutique By Design

The Fifth Mark is a founder-led Growth Consultancy and Digital Growth Agency. Boutique by design, we partner with passionate clients in DTC tech and eCommerce who want to challenge and change the world through their products. Delivering brilliant work with excellent people is our priority. So, we work in close collaboration with a selection of hand-picked clients to design and deliver outstanding growth.


Growth Strategy Consulting Services 

We offer three types of Growth Consultancy plans, growth audits, growth acceleration programmes and fractional growth leadership which acts like your own, without the risk or investment.


Growth Intelligence Programmes

Our proprietary Growth Audit looks at 2000+ data points across your business to understand your strengths, challenges and growth opportunities. This growth consultancy approach is right for you if:

  • You want to obtain clarity around your growth performance
  • You’re looking to understand your Growth Model in more detail 
  • You’re looking for a clear plan to grow your tech or eCommerce business 


Growth Acceleration Programmes 

Our Growth Acceleration Programmes start with our proprietary Growth Audit, but help you but our recommendations into action. 

We supply Growth Leadership and project management to get traction on your most salient opportunities, giving you the option to activate through your in-house team, selected agencies, or our integrated growth team. This Growth Strategy Consultancy approach is for you if you're looking for: 

  • Both strategic and operational growth support 
  • Access to flexible, growth specialists without hassle and headcount 
  • Senior growth support and leadership on a project basis


Fractional Growth Leadership

If you’re looking for a senior growth leader or Interim Head of Growth, without the need to make a full-time hire, our Fraction Growth Leadership service could be a great solution for you. Highly flexible, and with the feel of an in-house leader, Fractional Growth Leadership can bring clarity and direction without hassle, risk or the expense of full-time employees. Our Fractional Growth Leadership service is for you if you are looking for: 

  • An embedded, long-term approach to Growth Strategy consultancy 
  • The benefits of Senior Growth Leadership without the risk and cost of hiring an FTE 
  • A highly experienced Growth Director to fill a resource gap or cover an interim Head of Growth Position

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What's in the box? Here's a guide on what you can expect from each of our three Growth Strategy Consulting plans

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Growth Intelligence Programmes

Growth Acceleration Programmes

Fractional Growth Leadership

Project Discovery Session




Growth Audit




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Activational Plans




Siân is not only highly strategic but has a deep operational understanding across the breadth of digital platforms and mediums. This means she ideally placed to inspire and lead teams to deliver at speed but also has the in depth knowledge to challenge, ask difficult questions and ensure the best possible job is done. Siân is an outstanding leader and digital thought leader.

Tessa Tysome, UK Marketing Director, Nike

We started working with Siân and The Fifth Mark at the beginning of the first lockdown when we had a barely functioning website. We needed to work quickly to shift all of our attention to growing our eCommerce. Siân helped bring clarity to the mind-boggling world of digital marketing and developed a concise growth strategy. Working with Siân and The Fifth Mark Team resulted in huge growth for our business across the board, not just DTC. The Fifth Mark’s expertise and professionalism has been massively refreshing and has built a foundation for us that I will be forever grateful for. No doubt that we will continue to work together.

Theo Garcia, Co-Founder & CMO, Solo Coffee

Working with Siân and The Fifth Mark team has and continues to be a pleasure. They have helped steer us through a huge growth period, always acting with honesty, determination and intelligence, and have driven our Google and social advertising from strength to strength. They treat our business like it’s their own and have built us a strong foundation for long term, sustainable growth. Highly recommend to anyone looking to scale fast and efficiently from the start.

Julian Parmiter, Co-Founder, Create Academy

Siân is an extremely competent and professional digital marketing strategist. She really understands the dynamics of working with high-growth startups. Siân was very helpful in defining successful marketing channels for our startups, understanding key metrics and achieving traction channels at the early stage of the company.

Kirsten Connell, Octopus Ventures

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