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Growing Global Culinary Experiences Marketplace Eatwith Through Paid Media & Performance Marketing

Growing Global Culinary Experiences Marketplace Eatwith Through Paid Media & Performance Marketing

Meet Eatwith

Eatwith is a global leader in culinary experiences, with 5000+ hosts bringing people together around dining tables and food activities in over 130 countries. A favourite of gourmet travelers, their community-led marketplace connects food lovers with local hosts to experience immersive supper clubs, cooking classes, and food tours in authentic and unique settings.

We were chosen as Eatwith’s international Paid Media Growth Partner in January 2022. The opportunity to grow Eatwith’s proposition through our scientific approach to Paid Media - working closely with their passionate and talented team - has been an incredible journey so far. 

Discovery & Onboarding 

Our partnership was initiated with our signature Discovery and onboarding process, which combines quantitative and qualitative analysis to design a strategic and tactical Growth blueprint. 

Our Paid Media Growth Intelligence Audit was used to analyse over 2000 data points across Eatwith’s Paid Media ecosystem. The insights from which allowed us to establish current growth levers, unique market dynamics, and benchmark performance metrics. These key insights were then synthesized, giving our teams a crystal clear understanding of Eatwith’s current performance, strengths, and opportunities to grow through Paid Media. 

In parallel, our team-wide Discovery sessions allowed us to understand adjacent strategic direction which influences the work we do, such as Brand Strategy and User Research. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know each other. 

The First Six Months, Laying The Foundations for Paid Media Growth 

Using the insights distilled from the Discovery process, a strategic Paid Media Growth Plan for the first six months of our partnership was crafted. A key workstream within this was restructuring the accounts to prepare for scale. In addition to this foundational work, an Experimentation Framework to test the Growth hypothesises we had unearthed across audiences, creative, and messaging was also defined and activated. This allowed us to gain valuable learnings, and define nuances between geographical regions, so we could optimise our strategic approach.  

The Next Six Months, Scaling and Accelerating Growth Maturity

Once the Strategic Enablement work was complete, a core of strong account performance was achieved, allowing for sustained, predictable growth through Paid Media month-on-month. From this solid foundation of success, Eatwith ascended through our Growth Maturity Matrix allowing for the next phase of scale to be designed. Our ongoing Strategic Planning process sees us meet with the Eatwith team to review past performance, workshop future growth, and define the Paid Media Strategy for each Growth Term. The Growth Strategy we crafted collaboratively at this later maturity stage, focused on creating strong core media performance, testing new growth levers, activating timely campaigns, and improving operations through Strategic Enablers. 

As Meta Partners, we have invested millions of pounds in growing our clients through Paid Media. Our approach to Strategy is one of incremental improvement through testing within a clearly defined strategic framework, unique to each client’s growth stage, market position, and growth model. Our Paid Media playbooks draw hypotheses from past successes and apply them to specific contexts, validating them through our proprietary testing framework, The Five Mark Method. We have conducted over 100 Paid Media experiments for Eatwith, which have allowed us to refine our strategy by market and product for maximum impact in our Paid channels. We’ve also learned much about Eatwith’s positioning, customer, and value proposition which can inform future strategy across the entire venture. 

Measuring Success

Measuring success is critical in achieving our goals, and that's why each month, we analyze cross-platform data to develop commentaries that clearly translate Eatwith's Paid Media performance into actionable insights. 

We hold all the experiment results in our shared learning library, allowing our teams to draw on an insightful knowledge base for the optimization of future campaigns and experiments. All the while, our API-driven reporting gives the Eatwith team visibility on their activity whenever they need it.

12 Month Results

Paid Social
  • +166% increase in revenue 
  • +64% increase in ROAS 
  • +65% increase in AOV
Paid Search 
  • +66% increase in CTR 
  • +35% increase in AOV
  • +23% increase in revenue 
The Bottom Line 
  • Contributing towards 42% total DTC revenue growth 

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