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We are a Growth Marketing Agency that exists to make digital growth systematic, scientific, effective, ethical, and engaging

Our goal is to deliver growth that enables you to achieve your ambitions, build your team, and realise your dreams.

Strategy is nothing without activation. However, turning great growth strategies into reality is a complex and convoluted process. Managing multiple agency partners and teams across borders is challenging. Understanding how each of your marketing efforts compares to the next is hard. Creating analytical frameworks that push towards your overall objectives can often be complex. Additionally, managing everyone to work together towards a unified goal can be exhausting.

Our Growth Marketing Agency's capabilities exist to fix these problems. 

You're in good company. We’ve worked with 50+ consumer brands and tech ventures to design and deliver digital growth

Our approach to Growth Marketing replaces hope-and-pray with science-and-strategy

It connects user psychology, data analysis, digital marketing and strategy together as a team. That way, insights, ideation and testing create concrete strategies that drive great and greater things. Not wishes. Ways.

Our growth marketing teams combine senior growth strategists and deep channel experts to get you growing. Rather than being limited to one channel, your growth team bends and flexes to capitalise on your most salient digital growth opportunities, driven by your business objectives and our in-depth data analysis.

Our approach removes the need to manage multiple agency partners, allows you to act upon your most salient growth opportunities, and encourages you to think both short and long term about business growth.

Working with The Fifth Mark team has been a pleasure. They have helped steer us through a huge growth period, always acting with honesty, determination and intelligence, and have driven our Google and social advertising from strength to strength. They treat our business like it’s their own and have built us a strong foundation for long term, sustainable growth. Highly recommend to anyone looking to scale fast and efficiently from the start.

Julian Parmiter, Co-Founder, Create Academy

Our multidisciplinary team makes growth happen for you. Through our data-driven GrowthScience methodology, we build a scalable core growth engine, complemented by innovative experiments and ongoing optimisation. We simplify operations and elevate performance with an integrated approach, working across a mix of digital channels throughout the customer lifecycle enabling you to:

  • Expand your audience reach with effective Paid Media strategies.
  • Boost organic traffic and revenue through advanced performance SEO.
  • Engage users at every lifecycle stage with CRM, email, and push notifications.
  • Enhance your website or digital product to improve user experience, increasing revenue and retention rates.
  • Accelerate your growth trajectory with a Fractional Head of Growth, offering agile, low-risk leadership perfectly aligned with your growth stage.

Growth Marketing Approach

We take a scientific, test and learn approach to Growth Marketing. Here's how.

Strategic Planning

Defining a clear Strategic Plan for your Growth Marketing is one of our core strengths

We create more clarity and direction within the complex world of growth marketing. Our strategic planning process has been specifically designed to incorporate our growth strategy capabilities into our growth agency activation.

This process entails meeting with you every four months to conduct a growth workshop. This allows us to fully immerse ourselves in your plans, objectives, and latest business insights. From this workshop, we then devise a strategic and operational plan that charts the key direction of growth. This creates a mutual understanding, trajectory, and purpose towards everything that we do together as your growth marketing agency.

Core Growth Engine

Creating a predictable, scalable core growth engine

At the heart of our mission to make growth more scientific, systematic, effective and engaging, is the creation of a strong growth core.

Essentially, this is a set of growth modules that produce predictable, scalable results. This is the basis upon which businesses scale. In each of our growth term plans and within our day-to-day growth marketing operations, the stabilisation and building of the core is one of our top priorities.

Growth Experiments

Uncover new Growth Levers through experimentation

Your growth team ideate potential Growth initiatives, which could accelerate business performance in line with the overall business objectives and within the context of the wider Marketing Strategy. These Growth initiatives are then ranked and prioritised, and put into action in the form of Growth experiments during dedicated growth sprints.

Data Reporting & Growth Insights

Distilling actionable insights to inform future growth

Our proprietary data and growth platform, GrowthGenix.Ai, gives you real-time access to your data and performance across the metrics that matter most. Data is nothing without insight - the cornerstone of our approach to Growth Marketing involves distilling actionable insights and assisting your team in acting upon them.

The learnings from the growth experiments are summarised, shared, and stored in a centralised Learning Library to create and preserve marketing intelligence within the business for both the short and long term.

We started working with Siân and The Fifth Mark at the beginning of the first lockdown when we had a barely functioning website. We needed to work quickly to shift all of our attention to growing our eCommerce. Siân helped bring clarity to the mind-boggling world of digital marketing and developed a concise growth strategy. Working with Siân and The Fifth Mark Team resulted in huge growth for our business across the board, not just DTC. The Fifth Mark’s expertise and professionalism has been massively refreshing and has built a foundation for us that I will be forever grateful for. No doubt that we will continue to work together.

Theo Garcia, Co-Founder & CMO, Solo Coffee

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