Digital Strategy & Growth Marketing For Solo Coffee

Digital Strategy & Growth Marketing For Solo Coffee

“We started working with Siân and The Fifth Mark at the beginning of the first lockdown when we had a barely functioning website. We needed to work quickly to shift all of our attention to growing our eCommerce. Siân helped bring clarity to the mind-boggling world of digital marketing and developed a concise growth strategy. Working with Siân and The Fifth Mark Team resulted in huge growth for our business across the board, not just DTC. The Fifth Mark’s expertise and professionalism has been massively refreshing and has built a foundation for us that I will be forever grateful for. No doubt that we will continue to work together.”

Theo Garcia – Co-founder and CMO at Solo


Good Morning Solo Coffee

Say hello to Solo Coffee ​​— a brand that’s fueling a generation of creatives with specialty coffee in an instant. This design-led challenger brand has attracted a lot of attention through ambitious guerilla-style marketing tactics for their innovative coffee products.

When the pandemic first hit, Solo Coffee needed to quickly pivot their strategy to eCommerce. We worked closely with the founding team to turn this global challenge into a big growth opportunity.

A Hit Of Energy For Our Growth Teams

We took great inspiration from Solo Coffee’s mission to challenge the wider industry through a high-quality product and marketing innovation. The joys of working with Solo started with a shared and genuine love of craft coffee. Blend in passionate, purpose-driven founders and our Growth Marketing expertise, and the result was a strong stimulant for eCommerce Growth.  

Our work covered Digital Transformation Strategy, Growth Strategy, and Growth Activation, including Paid Media and SEO. 

The Partnership: Jump-Starting Digital Performance

We quickly got to work with the goal of driving Digital Growth for Solo Coffee. Here’s a breakdown of our tailored approach.

Digital Growth Insight

Our partnership kicked-off with our proprietary 360-degree Digital Growth Intelligence Programme. First, we analysed hundreds of digital data points to determine Solo Coffee’s strengths, challenges, and growth opportunities. Then we created a Growth Strategy starting right from the technical foundations through to growth activation, to accelerate eCommerce sales. 

Launching A New Website

Sustainable growth is built on solid foundations. Our Digital Growth Intelligence Programme indicated that Solo Coffee needed a new eCommerce website to reach their growth goals. 

Whilst we’re not developers ourselves, we’ve provided Strategic Consulting and Project Management for the launch of 20+ eCommerce website projects. We called on this experience to advise on the best technology stack for Solo’s growth stage, provide assistance identifying an excellent development partner, and offer specialist input for the creation of detailed, practical specifications. Then we used insights from our Conversion Rate Optimisation Team to provide useful feedback on the UX and UI.

The result? A brand new website was live less than 8 weeks later, providing the launchpad Solo Coffee needed to sky-rocket eCommerce Growth.

Digital Growth Model & Strategy

Once we had a strong eCommerce platform upon which to grow. The next step was to define a Growth Model and Growth Strategy for Solo Coffee through insights from our Digital Growth Intelligence Programme and establish the KPIs to measure success. 

Our vast experience with Digital Marketing for Startups allowed us to bring a razor sharp focus on unit economics and the health of P&L. We leveraged our Growth Model Maturity Matrix (GMMM) to create a strategy focused on organic growth through SEO and CRM. Then used Performance Marketing to strategically reach and convert new audiences.

Digital Marketing Activation

We precisely defined a target keyword universe for Solo Coffee, then made a content plan to improve long-term SEO visibility. From there, we designed funnels across Paid Social and Paid Search, revamped ad copy and restructured all accounts to ensure the optimum setup for Solo’s growth stage. 

With strong account structures in place, we designed a test & learn creative strategy and guided asset creation using best-practice insights and our expert knowledge. 

To provide complete visibility based on a well-defined KPI framework, we rolled out data visualisations, which allowed the founders to track Growth Marketing performance in real-time.

Coffee Concentrate Digital Launch

Our Growth Experts worked closely with the founding team on a campaign launch strategy for Solo Coffee Concentrate. First, we together established the ideal customer personas before building a Digital Campaign Strategy. The focus was on conversion and data collection for CRM across PR, Influencers, SEO, Onsite, PPC, and Social Media Marketing


Paid Search 
  • +432% increase in ad CTR
  • +119% increase in Paid Search revenue
The Bottom Line 
  • Successful website launch
  • +144% increase in eCommerce revenue 

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