Paid Media & Performance Marketing For EdTech Scaleup, Create Academy

Paid Media & Performance Marketing For EdTech Scaleup, Create Academy

Working with Siân and The Fifth Mark team has and continues to be a pleasure. They have helped steer us through a huge growth period, always acting with honesty, determination and intelligence, and have driven our Google and social advertising from strength to strength. They treat our business like it’s their own and have built us a strong foundation for long term, sustainable growth. Highly recommend to anyone looking to scale fast and efficiently from the start.

Julian Parmiter, Co-Founder, Create Academy

Meet Create Academy

Create Academy is an EdTech scaleup that’s on a mission to help people build creative confidence and make learning a joy. Through engaging, thoughtfully curated video courses and their proprietary learning platform, they give unprecedented access to the expertise of today’s leading figures in food, interiors, gardening, and craft. 

What We Love About Working With Create Academy

Create Academy has built an exceptional product that makes acquiring new creative knowledge a real delight. Upon meeting their passionate, inspired team and quickly discovering that they believe in digital-driven strategies just as much as we do, we knew we were a great match. Fast forward to now and this tech scale-up is soaring to new heights with a little Digital Growth support from The Fifth Mark.

Our Partnership in Growth 

We work with Create Academy on growth-focused Paid Media Strategy and Performance Marketing activation across Paid Social and Paid Search. 

Insight & Strategy

We kicked off the partnership with our Paid Media Growth Intelligence Programme. Through deep digital analysis and data-led insights, we developed a clear picture of Create Academy’s current Paid Media performance and position.

With this visibility, we leveraged our expertise to design digital marketing funnels unique to Create Academy’s product portfolio, ideal customer personas, and multi-market strategy. Thereafter, we incorporated KPI tracking to monitor success and included both a quick-win as well as a long-term growth roadmap to meet their ambitious goals.


With an emphasis on preserving account learnings and maintaining stability within the algorithms, we carefully migrated to The Fifth Mark Paid Media Account Structure. After adding Create Academy to our Growth Sprint Process, we built strategic quarterly action plans covering campaigns, experimentation and optimisations.

We’re constantly testing and learning to refine our growth systems. This approach allows us to discover new opportunities and position Create Academy to accelerate both immediate and future growth through Paid Ads.

As a fast-growing scale-up, Create Academy has moved through our Growth Marketing Maturity Model (you’ll hear us call it GMMM for short) at a rapid pace. And by reimagining the account structure, strategy and optimisation cycles at every growth stage, we’ve ensured maximum scalability and paid media results.


Each month, we carefully analyse the data to develop commentaries that clearly translate Create Academy’s Paid Media performance into actionable insights. We take insight a step deeper, holding all the experiment results in our shared learning library. This allows our team to draw on an insightful knowledge base for the optimisation of future campaigns.

Create Academy is in the loop every step of the way. Through Slack, our Paid Media Growth Team are always on hand to provide real-time performance data and strategy know-how. 

Year-On-Year Results

Our commitment to being an effective growth partner, and not just another overhead, is evident in the results we consistently produce. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s how we’ve helped Create Academy scale through Paid Media: 

Paid Search 

  • +2260% increase in conversions
  • +9500% increase in Paid Search revenue
  • 39% reduction in cost per conversion 

Paid Social 

  • +42% Increase in Paid Social revenue
  • Careful account management amidst IOS14 turbulence

The Bottom Line 

  • +182% increase in spend through global account scaling
  • Thousands of new customers acquired
  • Contributing to a successful funding round

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